Allie Crewe - You Brought You Own Light


Representing three years of work, ‘You Bring Your Own Light’  by Allie Crewe features a series of portraits of trans and non-binary people pictured on a simple, grey backdrop. Working with the transgender charity ‘Sparkle’ Crewe set out to create, “a visual narrative of gender that forced my audience to re-evaluate what they believed.” She wanted to show the authenticity of her subjects and allow them the power in the image. “I didn’t want to exercise any traditional voyeuristic masculine power over them. It was a collaboration," Crewe writes. 

Meeting, sharing stories and taking photos of her subjects helped her “rediscover a fundamental trust in how beautiful and true” people can be, and the portraits that arose accordingly are striking and vulnerable. Amongst the collection is Crewe’s portrait of Grace, a classically inspired and mesmerising image that won the BJP Portrait of Britain award in 2019.


Price £20.00