Culture Strike Art and Museums In An Age of Protest


As Director of the Queens Museum, Laura Raicovich helped turn that New York municipal institution into a public commons for art and activism, organizing high-powered exhibitions that doubles as political protests. Then in January 2018, she resigned, after a dispute with the Queens Musuem board and city officials. This public controversy followed the museum's responses to Donald Trumps election, including her objections to the Israeli government using the musuem for an event featuring Vice President Mike Pence.

In this lucid and accessible book, Raicovich examines some of the key museum flash-points and provides historical context for the current contoversies. She shows how art museums arose as colonial institutions bearing an ideology of neutrality that masks their role in upholding concervative, capitalist values. And she suggests ways museums can be reinvented to serve better public ends. 

224 pages

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