The Plantable Childrens Book - Lettuce


  • Grow your own vegetable garden - Embedded into the front and back pages of each book are 500 vegetable seeds to plant in your very own vegetable patch.
  • Meet the characters - The stories are filled with meaningful messages, friendly herbs and funky veg characters. Meet them when you plant your easy grow veg seeds.
  • Gardening seed gifts - Willsow books are part of a truly unique vegetable growing kit. The first ever grow your own veg children's books. Plant the pages and get growing to meet the main character!
  • Eco-friendly - Willsow books are made from recycled envelopes and recycled paper. They are hand stitched with 100% natural cotton. The inks we use are fully biodegradable and our vegetable seeds for planting are tested and approved non-genetically modified.
  • Made in the UK, fun and educational books really are the perfect gift for teaching kids about sustainability and how to grow your own vegetables.

Price £9.95