Grow Your Own Whitworth Art Garden - Rusty Foxglove

It’s not too late to sow seeds in your garden! 

An unusual species, featuring tall, towering wands of honey-brown flowers, the Rusty Foxglove is our rarest and most popular variety of seed. Part of our hand-packed ‘Grow Your Own Whitworth Art Garden’ collection, the Rusty Foxglove can be spotted in our garden at the back of the gallery, where they thrive in moist borders and light shade. 

Also known as ‘Fairy Bells’, ‘Dead Men’s Thimbles’ and ‘Bee Catchers’, the plant is traditionally associated with magic; fox gloves were supposedly given to the fox by fairies so he could creep silently into the chicken run. 

Buy the individual Rusty Foxglove seeds here, or you can buy alongside other seeds from our collection in our 'Grow your Own Whitworth Art Garden Seed Box'.

Price £3.00