The Sculpts - R Tile

Rocket was the name of the world’s first successful steam engine. It was designed and built by George Stephenson in 1829. The engine remained the basic template of steam engines for the next 150 years. The ability of the Rocket and similarly designed locomotives to pull heavy loads rapidly along rails across previously inhospitable terrain heralded an era of exponential growth in railway construction. Rocket pulled the world’s first intercity train between Manchester and Liverpool and began something which changed the world, opening up continents and global social transformation.

Founded in 2020, The Sculpts are a proud and independent Manchester business, employing a small group of young artists and designers committed to bringing Manchester’s history of innovation, free spirit, and creativity to the foreground. Taking inspiration from Manchester’s transformation from the industrial age all the way to the new “creative Age of Digital Technology”, The Sculpts’ collection is bold, beautiful and intricately designed. 

This ceramic screen printed tile is hand rolled locally in Stoke-on-Trent. Size: 6 x 6 inches.

Price £29.50